". . . Painting a message of conservation with every stroke of my brush."

I feel moved to create art with the power to attract, to deeply satisfy and to historically preserve the treasures of nature from the ravages of humanity.  My style, though hyper-realistic, is not obliged to strictly interpret the images I see or to be a literal description of a particular subject.  By attempting to understand the subtle and interweaving relationship between living beings, I try to bring to the canvas a fragment of reality which may have been largely ignored by the average human eye.  

My career working with endangered species of both the world’s flora and fauna has spanned 33 of my 43 years as an artist. I have tried to dedicate this time exclusively to promote awareness of the need to conserve and preserve all and each of the species I have portrayed as well as their natural habitats. By faithfully portraying this beauty, I find a measure of success in how my mind and heart are filled with the joy of these visions and in how I have been able to communicate this joy to those who have been touched by this work. 

My ulterior motive: to move just a few human hearts in the right direction, which is that of preserving the miracle that is us, the family of life on Earth.

Gerardo Valerio Trigueros.